places we find ourselves 

I’ve been here for one week. It’s crazy to think of when I was deciding to move here, because so far I have felt completely at home in New York!

My interviews went well and there is possibility there. I’m living with amazing people. It feels a little like camp because of the late night hangs and random things we find ourselves doing- for example playing the piano and gazing out over the city until 1:30am. It also seems as though everyone has a friend in New York, so that has also provided me with some great friends. So that has been ridiculously fun. 

I’ve also been ice skating, shopping and done a little sight seeing. Last night, I went to a yoga class called “Yoga for the People,” which was really nice. It was in the east village near NYU so there was a lot of students there. I will probably go again next week if I can!

The song of the week is called “On and On” – Joey Bada$$. Check it out.




Into The Wild City

This week, I’m moving to New York from California, but I am currently in Texas.

It’s gonna be a bit of a whirlwind, but it should be great. I’m unbelievably excited. I don’t know anyone and I’m moving to the big city on my own after just graduating from college. Fortunately, God has more than provided and I have job possibility and a place to live. 

I’ve heard that New York is quite similar to London in how many people there are and also how stylish everyone is. Before I moved to London, I was given some advice that absolutely proved to be true: the better you dress, the more respect you get. I’ve always been adventurous in my sartorial choices, but it’s going to be interesting to see how my style changes in New York. 

I feel the most alive and fulfilled when I’m either in the wild or in the heart of a city. It’s the in between kind of places that bother me. So I’m incredibly excited to have the freedom of living in the heart of a city and taking in the constant activity. 

Leave any advice in the comments!

I would really appreciate it.

Em xx

queen of the highway


My name is Em, and this will be a record of life to come and possibly life that has passed.

Basically, I’ve never lived anywhere longer than 5 years. (That was when I was a baby.) I love traveling and experiencing new cultures, its a huge part of me.

I also love fashion and am constantly being inspired by people and surroundings. When I’m not traveling or shopping, you can find me listening to music or rocking out at a concert. Music is my favourite thing, I always have to have it on! I am most happy and excited when I’m finding new tunes and it feels like you are on this magic path of amazing artists that you never want to end. People can be so impressive sometimes with their individual and beautiful creativity.

I am a follower of Christ and this affects every aspect of my life. I’m in love with someone bigger than all of this who inspires hope and who created creativity. That blows my mind. If anyone ever wants to talk more about God, message me.

Anyways, I’m excited to share my adventures with you!

I’ll keep it interesting. xx